When should I order my gown?
In order to avoid any additional costs by having to pay for rush fees, we strongly recommend that brides order their gowns 6 to 9 months before their wedding date. This will give the bride plenty of time for the gown to arrive and also allow enough time for alterations. Each designer has different production/delivery schedules and sometimes they do run late so it is always best to order in plenty of time for your wedding. However, if you are on a shorter time line, don’t worry. We have a great selection of gowns you can purchase off the rack or we can often accommodate “rush” orders for an additional fee. If you find a gown you like, we can also check with the designer to see if they may already have one in stock to help speed up the delivery time. We will always do our best to ensure that you get the dress of your dreams on time.

Do you carry samples in plus sizes?
You bet. We truly believe that every bride deserves to feel and look her best on her wedding day no matter what. We also know that with such a large investment being spent on your gown it is important to try it on and see what it looks like. We proudly carry sample gowns up to a size 30W and often times can order gowns in a larger size if need be.

Do you accept returns?
Unfortunately, due to the fact that each gown is special ordered for our brides we cannot accept returns for any reason unless it is a manufacturer defect. This policy also applies to accessories and veils. All sales are final.

Do you sell you gowns “off the rack”?
On occasion we do. It truly depends on the gown in question. We do have a section in the store where we have significantly discounted the gowns that have been discontinued or that we no longer carry.

Do you have in-house alterations?
We do not have a seamstress that works in the store. However, we do refer to a couple of local seamstresses.

Do you carry other apparel items besides bridal gowns?
Yes. We also offer bridesmaids and flowers girls. We also carry veils/headpieces and garters. It changes every couple weeks so be sure to come back often. We are also happy to special order any of the above items for you.

How much do you charge to steam my gown?
We do not charge to steam your gown if you bought it from us. Unfortunately some other stores will tack this on as a hidden charge that can cost you up to an additional $150.00 or more. If you didn’t buy your gown from us and need it steamed bring it in and we will be happy to quote you a very feasible rate. We also provide a free garment bag with every bridal gown purchase.

I normally wear a size 8 but it was recommended that I buy my gown in a larger size? Why?
Gowns do run one to two sizes smaller than your street clothes. This is why it is so important to have your measurements taken so that the right size gown is ordered. Bridal designers follow a different size chart from ready to wear clothing, so don’t let the sizes surprise you. We will always recommend a size appropriate for your largest measurement so that the dress may be altered to have a perfect fit. A gown can always be taken in, it cannot always be let out. It is best to always plan on alterations. It is very rare that a dress fits perfectly without them. Since we do not do in-house alterations, you do not have to worry that we will purposely order you an inappropriate size in order to gain a profit in alterations.

What are trunk shows?
Trunk shows are a great opportunity for brides to see an expanded collection of a certain designer. Often times we will host a trunk show featuring a particular designer for one weekend only. The designer sends us additional gowns that we don’t normally carry samples of for brides to try on during that weekend. Often great discounts are also offered. However, it is for one weekend only as we will have to send the gowns to another store the following Monday. So if a trunk show of one of your favorite designers is being offered, then more than likely it will be worth your time to attend. Appointments are highly recommended for those events.

Do I need an appointment to come in and try on gowns?
Appointments are strongly suggested, especially during weekends for both brides and bridesmaid parties. We will take walk-ins based upon dressing room and consultant availability. Our goal is to provide the very best in customer service and scheduling appointments helps us ensure that we have enough staff on hand to assist you.

What type of deposit do you require to order my gown?
We require at least 60% of the sale price of the gown. If you need to make payments before meeting the 60% requirement we are happy to set you up on a payment plan. All payments are non-refundable.

Do you price match from the internet?
We cannot price match internet pricing.  Very often internet retailers sell below the MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) which we are not allowed to do. If we sell below the MSRP and get caught, we risk our ability to sell the gowns and you may not get the gown you ordered. Designers will pull their account from a store selling below MSRP. Please be aware that purchasing over the internet is VERY risky and not recommended. Many times brides will purchase their gowns and when they arrive they are a very poor copy of the gown they thought they ordered or not the gown at all. We have a sample of one of those gowns in the store. If you’re curious to see what it looks like stop by. We are happy to show you the difference!
If a retailer offers to sell you the gown for less than MSRP, be very careful. You may not receive the gown you purchased if they are caught and you will have lost money. If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. We are proud to sell our gowns at MSRP so that you receive a fair price and we do not risk your purchase in doing so.

Can you order a dress for me from a designer you are not authorized to carry or do not carry samples of?
Unfortunately we cannot. Some stores will offer to get a dress for a bride from a designer they do not carry. They will often get the dress from either another store or an online site and then pass it to you. This practice is called trans-shipping and it is not allowed by the designers. If a store is caught trans-shipping, the designer has the right to pull the account from the store and the brides will not receive their dresses. If you purchase a gown from a non-authorized store, you run a great risk of not receiving your gown or receiving a knock off version of the gown. We will never trans-ship, so you can be safe in knowing that the gown you order from us is the gown you will receive, and in an honest and safe fashion. We will never put our brides’ gowns at risk.

I’m on a tight budget. Will I be able to find a gown?
We have a great selection of new gowns that are priced between $400-$1000 or you can always browse through our discontinued and sample sale racks to find an even greater deal. Just let our bridal consultants know what your price point is and they can easily show what we have to offer. Don’t let your budget get in way of finding the dress of your dreams.

Do you have someone who can speak Spanish?
Yes! We have bridal consultants that are fluent in Spanish. They do work part-time however, so if you would like to request a Spanish speaking consultant please be sure to make an appointment.